Questions and bugs about my unofficial Equinepassion skripts

Hello guys!

More and more often I get the message that one or the other person got lost in the official bug and question forum of Equinepassionto report bugs of my programs and to ask questions. I am really happy that I am allowed to leave my programs online at all, so it is important to me that it stays that way and that my projects don’t mean any extra work for the support of Equinepassion.

My tools and generators were originally intended for my purposes, but they have since taken on a bit of a life of their own. As you have surely noticed, I simply don’t have the necessary time to take care of the projects I have started, but I assure you that I will take the time at some point. I don’t want to take my projects completely off the page either. That’s why there will now be anofficial collection point for all bugs and questions about my tools on this page.

One small note I would have: Please do not copy my programs and generators without my permission! Behind every generator is a lot of heart and work. This is the worst thing you can do to an artist or web developer and also punishable.


If you have any questions or you have found bugs, please leave me a comment

Please leave a comment on this very page if you have a question or have found a bug in one of my programs. I am not on the forum. I will also not be able to answer emails immediately. That’s why I hope that your questions will be answered here by themselves. Questions and errors about my UNOFFICIAL tools in relation to Equinepassion have NOTHING to lose in the official forum. Once again noted, I do NOT follow the forum and I do NOT look at my in-game mailbox. So please use the comment form.

Thank you for your understanding!

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