This is how you can support me and my work

You like what I post, draw or code and you can’t get enough of me?

That is exactly what I like to hear! So what is the best way to support me and my work so that there will be a lot of content from me in the future? Well that’s easy and doesn’t even cost you a penny! How exactly you can help me you will learn below. Would you like to spend me some money? Click on the piggy bank to place a donation.

PayPal Donation - A cartoon horse as a piggy bank

Click on the piggy bank to place a donation.
e.g. 5,00€ – For a new photoshop brush!

Support by Facebook, Instagram and

I’m always happy about support on my social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitch. What can you do? On Facebook you can like my content and follow my facebook page “Klein Designs“. If you give likes via emojis or write comments, you not only provide a little more life on my page but also a better rating of my posts. 🤗❤️

Do you know thatposts that are liked with emojis are ranked better in Facebook which automatically leads to more page visitors! Why do you think there are various survey photos in which you are asked to respond with smileys 😉

Support my on Instagram

If you are more interested in Instagram, I have two places for you to go. Here you have the free decision for which topic you are more interested in. Do you want to stay up to date, not miss any spoilers and know what’s going on with me right now? Then follow my account @klein.designs and don’t miss any news! Do you more interested in Illustration and Artworks will be the right account for you. On you will see my newest photographys. You have the free choice what to display where. Otherwise, the same principle as on Facebook: Liking and commenting is the best way to support. 🤗❤️

Support me on

I’m online a bit less often on Here you can get me under KleinDesigns, when I’m back in Photoshop designing new artwork. A subscription is worthwhile in any case, you’ll get depending on the setting, if and when I stream again. That way, you’re guaranteed not to miss a live session and, most importantly, not to miss a spoiler. 😉 If you want to make me a great pleasure, participate in the chat or ask me a few questions!