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If Creativity meets Informatic

If I have to decide on a characteristic that fits the best to me, I would identify me to be an innovative person. And why? I am searching constantly for new challenges. There are always new ideas in my mind which want to be realized! That could be very exciting, but most time it is extremely frustrating. Especially when there is no time to practice. That’s the reason why I search always for the perfect lifestyle to keep work and free time in a good balance.

At the time I set something in my mind, nobody can stop me to reach my goals. Life often brings new obstacles but these are such moments when I say “That’s my destiny, then it has to be like this”. But that is not the moment to give up or be satisfied with the situation – no! quite contrary to – I always have a plan B.

For what are you getting up every morning?

Even before it was important for me to get work that made me happy even after many years. A work that also could be my hobby. What is money if I can’t enjoy my one and only life? By working as a freelancer I got a lot of experience. Until I decided to work as a web developer.

Now I have a job that makes me happy, earn a little bit with my hobby, have a wonderful boyfriend (Who loves my edges and curves) and have a little rented house for us. I am all the more curious about what the future will bring!

Jacqueline Isabelle Klein – Web Developer and Web Designer

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