What’s behind of Klein Designs

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If I had to choose one characteristic…

… that best applies to me, I would describe myself as inventive. But Why? I am constantly looking for a new challenge. My head is always bubbling with new ideas that want to be implemented. That can be very exited but also very stressfully. Especially if you don’t have time for your ideas. That’s why I’m still on the search for the perfect lifestyle to combine my work with my hobby. Once I have a goal in my mind, no one will be able to stop me from fighting for it. Life can bring few obstacles in your way, but especially in such dicey situations I say to myself “Then that’s the way it should be”. However, this is no reason to be satisfied with everything, no on the contrary, with me there is always at least one plan B.


What do you get up for every morning?

At that time, it was always important to me to pursue a job that I would enjoy for my livetime, a job that is also my hobby. For what is money if you don’t enjoy your whole life? Through the years I could collect a bunch of experiences and also knowlegdes. Until I decided me 2019 to work as a web developer. Now I have a job that I enjoy, earn something extra with my hobby, have a wonderful boyfriend who loves all my rough edges and our first (rental) house together. I am all the more excited about what the future will bring.

Über Klein Designs: Jacqueline Isabelle Klein

Jacqueline Isabelle Klein – Web Developer and Freelancer for graphic design